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About Us

Ferçim, a subsidiary of Fernas Group of Companies, carries out its production activities with its 2 integrated cement plants located in Niğde and Kayseri, 2 cement grinding plants located in Ankara and Batman and ready-mixed concrete plants located in Aksaray, Kayseri, Nevşehir, Niğde and Kahramanmaraş with its expert team and wide product range.

Focusing primarily on creating value in industrial development processes, Ferçim produces basic building materials, primarily clinker, cement and ready-mixed concrete. Produced in accordance with national and international quality standards, Ferçim products are used safely in many areas such as housing, schools, workplaces, construction and road construction in our country.

Approaching customer needs with care, Ferçim continues to build trust in the sector by maintaining its reputation in domestic and international markets thanks to its innovative, reliable and up-to-date technological infrastructure.

Mission & Vision


To create profitable and efficient companies in national and international fields by using modern management techniques and technology in the fields of activity, without prejudice, adhering to ethics and discipline.


Contributing to the welfare of people through products, services and investments.

Social Responsibility

Ferçim always supports permanent social responsibility activities that create value for society. Ferçim wants to play an important role not only in its business but also in its relationship with society. For this reason, it takes care to protect the environment, use natural resources efficiently and sustainably, and act in a way that responds to the needs of society.

Within the scope of social responsibility, Ferçim focuses on environmental sustainability and strives to minimize waste and emissions in cement production. It also invests in social responsibility projects to contribute to people's health, education and quality of life. For Ferçim, social responsibility is not only a commitment but also a way of behavior. In the developing world, sustainability and social sensitivity are becoming more and more important every day. With this awareness, the most important company goal is to contribute to society by fulfilling its responsibilities.

Ferçim Corporate


Ferçim is a building materials manufacturer and solution partner that operates with a sustainability approach. Its business model is based on the principle of creating value for its stakeholders.

Company Information

Facility Name

Company Type: Joint Stock Company
Mersis Number: 0385182024000001
Trade Registry Office: Batman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Trade Registry Number: 3319
Trade Name: Ferpa Cement Joint Stock Company
Address: Ziya Gökalp Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı Nasıroğlu Business Center Block No:49 Interior Door No:103 Merkez, Batman
Contact Information: 0(312) 426 6262 - 0(312) 454 1600
Committed Capital Amount: TL 250.000.000,00
Amount of Capital Paid: TL 250.000.000,00
Registration Date: 03.03.1997
Tax Office: Batman
Tax Number: 3851820240
Sector: Cement Manufacturing

Board of Directors

Term of Office: 1 Year

End Date: 02.08.2024

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Muzaffer Nasıroğlu

Deputy Chairman: Ömer Faruk Nasıroğlu

Quality Policy

As a cement and ready-mixed concrete company, Ferçim attaches importance to quality sustainable production in its production processes. In order to offer high quality and high performance products to its customers and to be a pioneer in the sector, it makes significant investments to increase efficiency in production processes.

The quality management system enables continuous monitoring and improvement of production processes. As part of this system, Ferçim maintains compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. The raw materials, intermediate and final products used in the production lines are continuously analyzed before and after production to ensure that quality products are offered to the market.

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