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ferçim cement factory

Quality Production is Basis of Durable Structures

Ferçim offers its customers high quality, eco-friendly cement and ready-mixed concrete products suitable for the needs of the building sector.

Production Facilities

Ferçim continues its production activities with 2 integrated cement factories, 2 cement grinding plants and 6 ready-mixed concrete plants that produce clinker, cement and ready-mixed concrete with its efficient, high quality and eco-friendly production approach.

Niğde Integrated Cement Plant

Niğde Integrated Cement Plant was established in 1957. The total area of the plant is 1,387,000 m². The cement production capacity of the plant is 817,000 tons/year.

Nigde Integrated Cement Plant

High Performance
and Sustainable

Ferçim produces sustainable, efficient and high quality cement products with its integrated cement plants and grinding facilities. In its ready-mixed concrete facilities, it plays an important role in the construction of durable structures with different product designs.


Ferçim aims to provide added value to the environment, people, stakeholders and the economy by producing cement with low carbon additives in its carbon neutral journey for the development of sustainability in all areas.

clean water and setination
accessible and clean energy
decent and economic growth
industry innovation & infrastructure
responsible production & consumption
climate action
Ferçim R&D

Acting in line with the changing customer needs in the cement industry and worldwide demand increases, Ferçim regularly follows the technological developments in the sector and continuously improves itself through R&D studies.


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