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Ferçim Sustainability


Ferçim continuously improves the performance of its products and services by placing the sustainability approach, which provides a balance between circular economy, climate change, environment and social responsibility, at the center of all its activities.

Sustainability Approach

The whole world needs sustainable and resilient infrastructure, buildings and public spaces. In line with the policies it adopts, Ferçim carries out its activities with the awareness that sustainability is important for the health and welfare of societies and is also of great importance for the economic development of societies.

With climate change and the need to use natural resources efficiently, Ferçim keeps issues such as the use of renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, using environmentally friendly products and energy recovery at the center of its activities in order to ensure sustainability at the corporate level.


Energy Management & Green Energy

Energy efficiency is a principle that targets the efficient use of energy resources and helps to protect natural resources by reducing their consumption. In this context, Ferçim;

  • The Company closely follows the ever-evolving developments in increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption and has implemented the necessary investment activities.

  • Electricity generated entirely from green energy is used in the facilities, and waste heat to energy (WHR) and solar energy systems (SPP) are included in the investment plans in order to contribute to climate change efforts at the highest level.

Alternative Raw Materials & Alternative Fuel

The use of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels reduces the consumption of natural resources, while helping to dispose of waste and reduce environmental pollution. In this way, Ferçim contributes to the circular economy and sustainable development and continues its activities to use alternative fuels and alternative raw materials in its production processes.

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Circular Economy

With the prominence of the sustainable development approach, it has been seen that the desired results cannot be achieved with the linear economy in the "take-build-dispose" perspective, and with the waste management perspective covering the strategies of preventing waste generation based on transformation and recycling, minimizing waste that cannot be prevented, reusing the minimized waste as alternative raw materials, sending it for recycling, using it for energy recovery, and disposing it in the last process, Ferçim continues its Circular Economy approach both in the implementation phase in its facilities and with the Environmental Permit and License Certificates it holds. In this context, Ferçim;

  • Implements the requirements of zero waste principles at the facilities and implements projects to prevent and minimize waste. In order to contribute to waste minimization targets, it further increases its targets by strengthening the development areas related to the Basic Level Zero Waste certificates held by the facilities.

  • The goal of contributing to the circular economy includes a large business model. By working to be a solution partner for sustainable cities and living spaces in its sustainability strategy, it aims to reuse concrete waste, utilize alternative raw materials and by-products from other industries, and use waste that can provide energy recovery.


Our Zero Work Accident Route

As Ferçim, the Zero Occupational Accident Route is a strategic plan prepared to raise awareness and train employees and subcontractors on occupational health and safety (OHS) issues and to reduce occupational accidents to zero. This plan helps to determine the OHS policies and targets of the facilities. In this context, Ferçim;

  • The Company has identified occupational health and safety (OHS) as one of its priorities and aims to create a safe and healthy working environment in order to achieve its goal of zero occupational accidents.

  • In its OHS strategy, which ensures culture transformation, it carries out its activities with a risk-oriented proactive approach by ensuring the participation of all stakeholders.


OHS Training & Development Practices

Occupational health and safety (OHS) training and development practices are carried out to raise OHS awareness among employees and to ensure a healthy and safe environment in the workplace. OHS training and development practices help employees understand the potential risks they may face in the workplace and take precautions.


In this context, OHS training activities continue for both Ferçim and subcontractor employees with remote access or face-to-face.


Field Controls and Inspections

Regular audits are carried out to check the compliance of processes and practices in the operations carried out in the field at the facilities. These audits are carried out in order to periodically monitor the activities of the facilities and ensure their correct operation.


In this context, in line with the goal of zero occupational accidents, Gemba field walks, which are implemented to conduct behavioral field observations involving all employees, support communication between employees, prevent operational blindness in the activities carried out and ensure the continuous development of the Ferçim OHS culture.

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