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Ankara Cement Grinding Plant

Production Plants

Ferçim, which produces clinker, cement and ready mix concrete, continues its production activities with 2 integrated cement factories, 2 cement grinding plants and 6 ready mix concrete plants.

Ankara Cement Grinding Plant

The Cement Grinding Plant, the construction of which began in Ankara in January 2001, started trial production in July 2002.

In 2006, CMEC brand mill and reinforced concrete cement silo were added to the plant. As a result of these investments, the plant reached an annual cement grinding capacity of 204,000 tons. The factory consists of an open and closed raw material stock hall, closed clinker stock hall, crusher, cement mill, bulk and bagged filling lines, warehouse, workshop, laboratory and administrative building. There are also two cement silos for cement storage. These are reinforced concrete and have a capacity of 5,000 and 6,000 tons.

The cement mill is a 4.2x13m, 2-chamber, ball mill with O-Sepa separator and 85 t/h capacity. The mill was commissioned in December 2006. Raw material feeding to the cement mill is done with 4 dosimetric belt scales. Cement is shipped by pneumatic belts and elevators. In the single rotor hammer crusher with a capacity of 40 tons/hour, gypsum and trass stones are crushed and transported to the cement mill via conveyor belts, while clinker is stored in the reinforced concrete and fully closed clinker silo and transported to the cement mill via conveyor belts.


Bagged cement shipment is provided by 1 mechanical rotary scale with 16 taps with a capacity of 100 tons/hour and bulk cement shipment is provided by 1 automatic filling bellows with a capacity of 80 t/h. Cement mill, dosing belts, crusher, clinker line, silo filling, silo boiling, cooling and packaging units are monitored and controlled by PLC automation control from the central control room. In addition, there is a 15,000 tons capacity fully enclosed reinforced concrete clinker silo, a 54×35×6.5 m semi-enclosed trash storage hall, and a natural gas-fed hot air furnace with a capacity of 3,500,000 kcal/h.

Product Types

Ankara Cement Grinding Plant produces 2 types of cement suitable for the needs of the construction industry.

CEM II A-L 42,5 R - Portland Calcareous Cement

Portland calcareous cement is obtained by grinding Portland cement clinker, setting regulator gypsum and limestone in the ratio defined in TS EN 197-1 standard. Portland calcareous type cement, which has high early and final strength, has a lower hydration temperature compared to classical Portland cement and is a cement that prevents micro cracks that may occur due to hydration in concrete, increases the chemical resistance of concrete and increases the workability of concrete with mineral additives.

Performance Immutability Certificate (PDF)

CEM IV/B (P) 32,5 R - Pozzolanic Cement

Pozzolanic cement is obtained by grinding Portland cement clinker together with setting regulator gypsum and pozzolan in the ratio defined in TS EN 197-1 standard. This cement is suitable for use in structures likely to be exposed to environmental conditions. CEM IV/B (P) 32.5R type cement has a low hydration temperature and prevents micro cracks that may occur in concrete due to hydration.

Performance Immutability Certificate (PDF)

Please click here for detailed information about the types of cement produced.

Accreditation & Certificates

Ferçim contributes significantly to increasing the quality and sustainability of the sector by conducting tests in accredited laboratories in accordance with national and international standards, carrying out certification processes for quality management systems and acting in accordance with environmental management standards.

Quality Management System  [TS EN ISO 9001 2015]

Environmental Management System  [TS EN ISO 14001 2015]

Energy Management System  [TS EN ISO 50001 2018]

Information Security Management System  [TS EN ISO 27001 2022]

Occupational Health & Safety Management System  [TS EN ISO 45001 2018]

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