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Niğde Ready Mix Concrete Plant was established in 2003. The total area of the facility is 11,350 m². The annual production capacity is 144,000 m³.

Niğde Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Üretim Tesisleri

Product Types

Niğde Ready Mix Concrete Plant produces 4 types of concrete suitable for the needs of the construction industry.

Standard Concrete

Standard concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the construction industry. It is used in various construction projects as a building material consisting of a mixture of cement, water, aggregate and chemical and/or mineral additives, which has a plastic consistency at first, can be shaped and solidifies over time, hardens and gains strength. Standard concrete is preferred due to its low cost, high durability and easy workability. In addition, there are options for light, normal and heavy concrete production with the use of different aggregates, different strength classes with dosage regulation, coloring with the use of pigments and concrete production for the intended use that can have different textures.

Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)

KYB is a concrete that has the ability to settle into the formwork with its own weight without the need to be exposed to any external effect (vibration, swelling, etc.), fill all voids and pass between steel reinforcement elements without segregation. Thanks to the high-performance concrete admixtures used in this concrete, which saves labor and time, has a high cement dosage and low water content, it becomes a self-compacting concrete with high flow power.

Fiber Concrete

Fibrous concrete is defined as concrete formed by mixing cement, aggregate and mostly discontinuous fibers with water.
In fibrous concrete produced homogeneously with steel, polypropylene, carbon and alkali resistant glass fibers etc., cracks in the concrete are prevented and the progression of cracks in the concrete is slowed down, making the concrete more durable. Thanks to this feature, fibrous concretes are preferred in the production of reinforced concrete piles, roads and airports, water pipes, slab concretes of large factory constructions in general and prefabricated building elements because the factors that increase the tensile and flexural strength of fibrous concrete increase its resistance to impact.


Screed is a building material used for leveling and smoothing floors. It consists of a mixture of cement, sand and water and is a slightly thinner mixture of concrete. It is used to level the height differences of the floor, creating a flat surface.

Accreditation & Certificates

Ferçim contributes significantly to increasing the quality and sustainability of the sector by conducting tests in accredited laboratories in accordance with national and international standards, carrying out certification processes for quality management systems and acting in accordance with environmental management standards.


KGS Certificate of Conformity

G Certificate

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